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Contact: Jeffrey Gibs
Home 87 Violet Drive Pearl River NY 10965 Contact Phone: (845) 623-7637 Website: Volumetric Fund


Volumetric Fund is a well established US equity fund that can fit many goals and objectives. With our personal service and years of trusted experience, we hope to welcome you to Volumetric Fund.  Fund Facts

  • Investments Focus: A diversified portfolio of primarily large and mid-cap US equities. The securities are generally a blend of value and growth stocks.
  • Investment Objective: Capital growth with downside protection
  • Low Account Minimum:  $500
  • No-Load Fund – No sales or redemption fees
  • No fee IRAs
  • Investing Since: 1978
  • Public Since: 1987
  • Personal Service

Volumetric offers a variety of account types to suit your needs

  • Individual and Joint Accounts
  • IRA – Retirement Accounts
  • Business Retirement Plans
  • Automatic Investment Plans
  • Custodian Accounts (UTMA/Gift to Minors Accounts)
  • Transfer of Death (TOD) Accounts
  • Corporate & Trust Accounts

  For any questions or to have forms mailed to you, contact Volumetric at: 800-541-FUND or 845-623-7637 or email us at info@volumetric.com

Concentration: Business & Professional Services, Finance & Insurance
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