Request for Email Blast

As a benefit of membership, you will be able to send up to two emails each year to our email database.

If you wish to take advantage of this benefit, you need to provide a jpg file (not a word document with images in it) that is 550 pixels wide by any length. It must include all pertinent information about the event you are promoting e.g., time, place, address, etc. and include contact information, web address, etc. Please also include a Subject Line for your email blast.

In addition to the jpeg file "ready to go", we also need a word document with ONLY words in it, containing all the relevant information e.g. time, place, address, contact information, etc. No pictures or images of any kind. This is for people who only get text emails and not HTML.

Please send your information outlined above at least two (preferably more) weeks before you wish the email blast to be sent.

You can forward complete the form here or send your information to the chamber email address of 

Sample Recent Emails

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