The Nanuet Chamber is excited to announce that we will be working with our Students at the Nanuet High School involved in DECADECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Currently Nanuet High School DECA has approximately 42 students participating in this club. There are many ways our local businesses can help these students use what they are learning and competing in to be part of the real world realty of business and career.

The club has three focuses for the students see where you my be able to lend your support as a local business.

First – The Competitions, which is a large part of the club and what they work for. The club competes at local, regional and national competitions.  At the first local competition Nanuet has 40 students competing. This local event was held Tuesday, January 4h at Rockland Community College. They competed against students from about 11 other high schools in our region. At these competitions, for those not familiar, there are a number of ‘role-play’ events with a judge in the areas of marketing, business operations, hospitality & tourism, and finance. We are proud to announce that a number of our 40 students won medals at this year’s 2019 regional competition.

All students who earn medals are eligible to move on to the state competition held in early March. We will have approximately 12-16 students who will be able to travel to states. Last year 7 students were able to move on, but because of the financial obligations, our students were not able to compete at a state level. This year the club is looking for help from the school district and would welcome the business community to sponsor our students for the trips. Although they were unable to move on last year to the regional event it did not discourage the 42 students to still be a part of this learning experience. Their goal is to one day get to nationals in Anaheim, California.

Any support that you as business members or individuals can provide would help students immensely. The cost to send each student to states competition is just under $700 which includes chaperones, transportation, hotel, meals, etc.

Second – Research Event, which does not have a financial obligation. The club has students do a real-world ‘study’ with a local business. This year the theme is around using social media with geotracking to create a plan to increase business. The teams will each need a local business with whom they can work to create and implement a plan, and track results. This is a huge learning opportunity for the students and a great chance for a local business to benefit from some free ‘consulting services’ in social media. They are seeking restaurants or stores who might wish to team up with their teams.

Third –  Mentoring the student by being a mentor to a student or a group of students can be a great learning experience for them. Let them see what you do. Maybe inspire them, let them shadow your business and this could be for a day, once a week, a month. Hoping to give them an opportunity to see a business that interests them.

We are reaching out to our business members because the work the students are doing in competition and in the classroom can one day impact our community. Lets help them learn more and encourage them to continue their education and possibly find a career.

For any of the above, if interested please email us at to discuss further and we will put you in contact with the Nanuet DECA Club. Our charity, Nanuet and Beyond, Inc. ( raises funds to support DECA activites.

Thank you.

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