Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.


Executive Officers
Risa B. Hoag: President
Susan Farese: Vice President
Kim Tran: Secretary
Jerry Tuchband: Assistant Secretary
George Mollo: Treasurer
Tony Pallogudis: Past President (2015-2016)


Board Member
Adrienne Carey, Board Member
Jim Flynn: Board Member
Jeffrey Gibs, Board Member
Michael Kitt, Board Member
Valerie Moldow, Board Member
Erica Sallahian, Board Member
Linda Stankard, Board Member
Jerry Tuchband, Board Member

Board Members from left to right:
Front row: Jerry Tuchband, George Mollo, Risa Hoag
Middle row: Adrienne Carey, Linda Stankard, Erica Sallahian. Susan Farese, Michael Kitt
Back row: Jeffrey Gibs, Joe Brunelli, Tony Pallogudis, Denise Formoso, Jim Flynn, Valerie Moldow
Not Pictured: Kim Tran

Interested in attending a Board Meeting to see what goes on or care to get involved with a committee!? Join us! Meetings are monthly and usually take place at 7:00 pm.  See our Board Meetings page for more information.